Integrated Health Management Platform

Avant-garde design

Health cloud platform to achieve seamless integration with the hospital information system, the establishment of hospital health records of customers, providing customers with online view and manage personal / family health records platform. At the same time, based on health records and personal health information platform would be customer grouping to achieve targeted health management and marketing; this platform will integrate other health care participants ecosystem (pharmaceuticals, medical products suppliers and other service providers) by means of customer segmentation information, help partners to achieve online marketing and services.

Convenient operation

Through the construction of the platform, to achieve the integration of online medical ecosystem major participants in the marketing and service from offline to online. And customer service staff to provide medical care for the online channel, to achieve customer interaction with a doctor online, such as online counseling, online inquiry and so on. The platform will use EAAS architecture design and development, related functions and modules can be flexibly configured to achieve a short platform reuse.


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