Jinjiang Group E-commerce Website

Avant-garde design

Jinjiang Group E-commerce website including the official website, Jinjiang online e-commerce sites, the Louvre hotel site and other three major portals. Jinjiang currently online e-commerce website daily page views of more than 300,000 people, Jinjiang Inn Reservation trading day more than 10,000 times. Realization of the digital marketing, email marketing, publicity official website, online orders and other functions.

Convenient operation

Sitecore provides client-based e-commerce website solutions, website implements online hotel reservations and other functions, provides ordinary users, corporate customers and other users have different services. Website full use of Sitecore CMS, flexible, fast and visual editing website content, using DMS hotel better marketing and understanding of the user's web browsing behavior analysis, real user conversions and so on.

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